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Model making, printing, and more exploration

I have a passion for making figurines and models for 3d printing. In addition to Rhino and Keyshot, learning Zbrush has broadened my modeling skillset and enabled me to do more texturing and fabrication in model making and UV-map painting.

  • Software used: Rhinoceros 6 &7, Keyshot 8, Zbrush 2018, After Effects 2020, Premiere 2020

Zbrush+rendering projects: About

Cherry Maho: Original Soundtrack Music Video

Based on the scenes and soundtrack used in the Japanese Drama' Cherry Magic! Thirty Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?! (2020)', I recreated multiple scenes in Zbrush and Keyshot and added my remastered versions of the soundtrack.

Zbrush+rendering projects: Video
Zbrush+rendering projects: HTML Embed
Zbrush+rendering projects: Text
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