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How might we improve the virtual interaction experience between patients, nutritionists, and doctors?

My role: Lead UX Researcher & UX Designer

NUTREND aims to offer a way for doctors to gain access to people who live far from their working areas, providing aftercare and check-ins after in-person consultations, and offering real-time information for people who are desperate in seeking help.

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NUTREND is aiming to help people that have existing health issues or health-related concerns get professional help through mobile devices. It is designed to improve the interaction between patients and doctors, whenever and whatever the situation they are facing.

NUtrend - UI/UX design: About
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As video meetings become a norm in people's lives, it's not new that more and more professionals rely on webcams and video conferencing platforms to communicate with their clients. Video visits enable both groups to see, hear, and talk with one another. Often this is enough to effectively evaluate and manage many health conditions. Video also offers clinicians something in-person care does not: a glimpse into their patients’ everyday lives, including their living conditions, family members and caregivers, cherished personal objects, pill bottles, and refrigerators. 

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Providing people virtual care, including valid information for nutrition and physical wellness

Technological advances bring both advantages and drawbacks. Virtual care is no exception. the challenge is to harness video visits in ways that balance these tradeoffs to maximally benefit all stakeholders. This means that patients must determine if a video visit can meet their health needs and whether, based on their priorities, it fits into their lives. Providers must define the role of video visits—and virtual care more broadly—in their overall practice, and then adopt the necessary technology, develop streamlined workflows, and adequately support their teams to provide them smoothly and effectively. And payers must assess the effects of video on outcomes and costs, and then implement benefit designs and reimbursement policies that promote high-value use.

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Workflow- How to set up an appointment

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