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Allergy Education Gameplay

Regardless of age or culture background, food preferences play an important role in identifying who we are as a person and where we are from.

Unfortunately, it is hard for people from different cultures to express their needs when it comes to food, and not to mention to remember people’s food preferences, or even people’s food allergies.

There are also cases of children facing allergy discrimination or food preference discrimination regardless of their circumstances.

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"How might we bring up awareness to people about the idea of having food preferences/food allergies and also educate people of what ingredients there may be in their meals that may not be suitable for all people?"

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Gamify the experience of having specific special food diets
An opportunity to introduce cuisines from different cultures and the ingredients they use
Bring up the discussion of food ingredients and allergies, strengthening specific knowledge through playing this game
Having short/long term memory play the part in the game strategy, enhancing people’s memory of others’ food preferences

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Played by 2-4 players, this game encourages people to interact with food they may or may not be familiar with. Throughout this game, by observing other people’s moves of certain dishes, players can choose to either interfere or offer help if they can figure out what others’ preferences are.

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